Johor Premium Outlet and Universal Studio Singapore


So long did not update my blog lah.
How did my Singlish fair? *smirks*

Still Malaysian at heart, my man and I planned to visit both Johor and Singapore since they are only a bridge across. It's ridiculous that across the bridge, we pay RM 2.58 to $ 1 =.=

 We- I mean I suggested to drop by Johor Premium Outlet *HALLELUJAH* first to see what is the fuss all about!! True enough, shopaholics will shop till their wallets burns and disintegrates to dust!! Bought my very own Nike shoe and I love it to bits! (Spot it in the pictures below) Some brands like Coach, Nike, G2000, Levis etc. has discounts up to 60% and they are opening 40 more outlets including Aldo, Burberry etc. end of this year!! Boyfriend bought Levi's jeans only at RM 169 after discount which is very worth it!

Leveled up at window shopping
Gorgeous Miranda Kerr, my favorite Victoria Angel
We did not stop until our legs and wallets screamed for mercy, so we continued on to rest in Citrus Hotel. we made bookings through in which they offered cheap rates for their standard rooms. As expected, their facilities are up to standard with comfortable standard rooms, family suites, a gym, club lounge and cafe. The biggest advantage of staying in this hotel is that it is opposite the JB sentral where you can take a bus straight to Singapore. Convenient eh? 

I had my birthday wish granted by my man the next day. He took me to Universal Studio Singapore HEEEEE
All the awesome rides, awesome fictional characters, awesome set ups!!!!! I'll let my pictures do the talking!

The globe
With added  water vapour effects, no kidding

My red carpet pose
Ain't this popcorn truck cute!

That ship is HUGE.
These guys are nuts!! Missing the penguins even more!
Say Cheese!
SHHH... some real shit is being done in there

4D ride in Far Far Away land
The magnificent castle...

IMAGINE THIS WITH the"Jurassic Park Theme" hahaha
Care to have some fossil fuels


Trusty survival gears. In which I regretted not getting them.

I was the ONLY ONE who got DRENCHED top to bottom. Thanks to the passenger who sat beside me that shifted the equilibrium heavily to our side and when we "fall" from a water sloop, a man made tide swept over me. I had no choice but to dry myself at their "Drying Pod" unless I want to provide a almost nude floor show. These drying pods are like metallic coffins (jurassic park design) enough to fit 4 people with toaster heat and hair dryer combination function.
Before getting drenched
Met these cute ones while i was drying myself. The girl with the white shirt bravely requested whether she could share the pod and I said yes. While drying ourselves, she actually initiated a chat with me and she invited me to join her so that she can show me around and explain to me which are the best rides. Surprised to see these little ones running around without their parents and this is her 7th time to USS. SHE IS ONLY 10 OMG. PS. see that U2 pod behind us, thats the drying pod!
Group shot with our lead actor.
Look! It's Pinocchio!!

Manage to catch Bumblebee Bee!!! I literally jump in excitement when he came out!
Optimus Prime and Bumblebee flexing their awesomeness and posed for me haha

Riding the Transformer ride again for the 3rd time.

The National Library, so alike right to the finest detail 

boyfriend knew that I like these stuff, he immediately asked me to stand and pose beside it =w=

Fireworks after that!!! Other countries' Disneyland and Universal Studio's fireworks were much more thrilling, but who am I to complain :/
Update soon if I have my next trip!
So many places to go!!! Lombok island, bali, krabi!!!!!

Ciao~ graduation is around the corner and I admit, am quite excited actually. I have made it through with the help of my beloved parents (Sorry ma and paps for bulldozing through the traffic all the way from home to the land of Sunway), not forgetting University friends who came and left, those who have stayed (thank God for you), mentors who offered sound advices and encouragement, and last but not least, my man of wisdom...(I passed every single finance subject because of him).

Ofcourse, I had to give myself a little more credit. All the negativity and low self esteem I used to have that everyday I tell myself how useless I am, nothing more than a empty headed doll...I silenced it the best I could. Here I am, finally graduating...

I didn't know that I could come so far to land myself in a bank with a position that I never thought I could get. Now, paying expenses on my own...I can taste that pain and sweat my dad tasted for the last 30 years. And it has only been 6 months. Though, mine is a much easier load...still living with my parents and have my father waking every morning to prepare me breakfast (i didn't want him to really, but i appreciate his doing), drives me to the train station.

Don't judge yet. You don't know me and I am definitely not a helpless, dependent child. There are many other ways I contributed, such as paying my "rent" (LOLOL) to my parents every month and not get into unwanted trouble.

All in all, there is so much I gained... also so much I missed out. However, I did not quite regret my life decisions. After all, God is fair... you gain something, you lose something else. The best of both worlds is just a saying, it depends on how you perceive that whether it is truly a "gift". But I do know that, if I were given a choice between beauty and brilliance, I'd choose the latter. ALTHOUGH, beauty can also be achieved if I were a little more diligent at dressing myself a little properly.

Now I am actually a little lost, trying to find my true north. I will keep searching...

Oh btw, I bought this really EXPENSIVE fake eyelashes after asking reviews from my friends. Word of mouth is very effective indeed. *BURNED HOLE IN WALLET* ommggg, I cannot believe this eyelashes worth 5 meals... this better be a good investment. I might try it on with make up after researching for the appropriate graduation make up. Perhaps I'll blog about it D:

yeap, Dollywink fake eyelashes...
Time to resume my Games of Thrones night~ Bye ;)


My Dream Laneige

Needless to say, Koreans are widely famous for their smooth, fair and spotless facial skin. And it is every woman's dream to inherit those sexy genes (dayummm~). You will find yourself searching through pictures of Korean superstars and admire their makeup and tried the K-look yourself. And sometimes, you wonder what kind of facial products do they use to keep their skin silky smooth and SPOTLESS??? Okay, I agree that plastic surgery can do wonders but... you're gonna look like a hag if you don't maintain that face you just spent thousands on.

Song Hye Kyo's flawless SKIIINNNNN!!!!
The one brand that I am ITCHING about is Laneige. Every trip to the Parkson stores, I would visit Laneige booth to test out their new products. So far, I am dying to use their Snow BB Essence Balm and Water Sleeping Pack_EX !!!!

Love Snow BB Essence Balm because of its triple function, convenient for travel and the glow it gives. This cosmetic wonder does not only cover your blemishes and imperfections, it's dual benefits is inclusive of whitening ingredients for fairer complexion and provides UV protection, basically acting as a sunscreen. The Sun can be quite unforgiving at times, so the longer you are exposed to the sun ray, your skin will wrinkle! But Snow BB Essence Balm lessens the formation of wrinkles! Best of all, it comes in a small compact shell with its essence trap in a sponge (innovative I'd say), just plop it into your bag and go everywhere with it. What I love most from this product is that after application, my skin shimmers and gives out a healthy glow~~ <3 p="">
As for the skin care product, one can never go to bed without fully hydrating the face! According to scientific research, the skin goes through restoration and is at the lowest activity during the night while you're asleep. So, it is always good to re-hydrate and restore your skin at that time for optimum effect. Hence, the Water Sleeping Pack_EX is my favourite Laneige skin care product. The texture of the gel is as gentle as water and you won't feel sticky after application. I can sleep without worrying whether my face have enough water to absorb or air to breathe HAHA.

For more information on Laneige products, do visit Laneige.

How I wished I have perfect skin...
 Now, to continue on with my work. Late nights again... my skin is sooo going to rot.


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